Water Filter Pitcher Replacement 3 Pack Fits on Wamery & Brita Pitchers Ionizer Purifier Classic Water Filter Cartridges Reduce Chloride Lead Hard Metals

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Product Description

Neutral Water FilterNeutral Water Filter

Neutral FilterNeutral Filter

Pure Water is the World’s Basic Medicine.

Taste the difference between your old water filter and Wamery’s Water Filters. These filters cut the taste and odor of chlorine wile reducing impurities that can adversely affect your health over time. Our Filters are simple to use and have many features you’ll love.

Easy installation42 gallon filter lifeSet of 3 filters = 930 plastic bottles Compatible with Brita pitchers

Water Filter

Water Filter

Water filter

Water filter

Sustainable Water Filter

Sustainable Water Filter

Certified Performance

This water filter is designed to improve the tap water we use for drinking, ice cubes, for cooking, feeding our plants and pets. Our lab developed the ultimate water filter to get the most out of your tap water.

It is highly effective against the most dangerous minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Cadmium, Mercury and Lead. It eliminates the Chlorine taste and odor.It represents 1/20th the cost of bottled water.

Disease Prevention

Water treatment facilities were not designed to take out synthetic organic chemicals and toxic heavy metals like lead, which could lead to diseases. At- home water purification is the most effective and by far the most convenient and economical mean of providing clean, healthy water for you and your family. By using Wamery’s Water Filter you will be taking care of the health and vitality of your loved ones.

Adopt Sustainable Practices

Home water purification products can provide water far superior to bottled water, at a fraction of the cost and in the convenience of your own home. With Wamery it is possible to have a healthy lifestyle that does not have a negative impact on our oceans. Say no to single use plastics and start consuming clean and fresh filtered tap water.

Water filterWater filter

How to Use

1-Insert the blue funnel into the transparent Wamery Pitcher. There is only one way to do it, you will feel how it assembles perfectly.

2- Insert the Filter into the funnel. Make sure you have already soaked it for 10 min and it is ready to use.

3- Insert the spring in the inside hole of the lid. Then insert the small transparent flap.

4- Fill the pitcher by the transparent flap without taking the lid out.

5- Press the button for 5 second to re-start the LED countdown clock to know when to replace the filter. Each filter lasts for 42 gallons or 2 month maximum. Let the pitcher filter the water for a couple of minutes.

6- Enjoy all of it’s benefits!

Water FilterWater Filter

SILKY SMOOTH TASTE: Preparing coffee, tea, cooking, filling ice cubes, and feeding pets. We developed a water filter that works against chemicals and harmful synthetics to supply your family with fresh healthy water.
HEALTHY: Certified NSF/ANSI 53 reducing Cadmium, Copper & Mercury. NSF/ANSI 42 for positive reduction of Chlorine (taste & odor) and Zinc. NSF/ANSI 372 for lead-free compliance.Clean, tasty, and healthy water.
CONVENIENCE: This filter reduces synthetic chemicals used by water treatment facilities. It lasts 42 gallons, saving up to 310 plastic water bottles. Fits perfectly in Brita’s pitcher.
MAKE A DIFFERENCE: A percentage of your purchase will be donated to NGOs around the world to preserve freshwater for everyone. This replacement filter not only improves your life, but it could also help thousands. Try us, we are a 100% money-back guarantee.

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