Pro Breeze Large Air Purifier True HEPA H13 Filter – WiFi and Smart App Air Purifier with 2000 Sq Ft Coverage, 800 CADR & 6 HEPA, Activated Carbon Layers – HEPA Air Purifiers for Home Office

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air purifiers for homeair purifiers for home

air purifierair purifier

Pro Breeze Air PurifierPro Breeze Air Purifier

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Pro Breeze Large Air Purifier HEPA 13 Filter for Home Office

WiFi and Smart App Air Purifier with 2000 Sq Ft Coverage, 800 CADR & 6 HEPA, Activated Carbon Layers

The Pro Breeze Large Air Purifier is our most sophisticated air purifier. It filters 99.97% of particles in an area up to 2000 square feet, providing purification for a large room, floor or home. Our air purifier for allergies and pets filters harmful gases, odors, pet dander, pollen, dust, and more.

It can be controlled through WiFi connection and your smart phone. There are also several extra features, such as Sleep Mode and a Timer, as well as extensive safety features and a lock setting.

Dual Core Filtration (6 Filters)

2000 Square Foot Area Coverage

Market-Leading 800 CADR

Smart App and WiFi Control

Air Quality Color Indicator

Sleep Mode and Timer

5 Fan Speeds

hepa air purifiers for home

hepa air purifiers for home

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air purifier hepa

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blue air purifier

hepa air purifier

hepa air purifier

Preliminary Layer

The pre/fine filter works to filter large airborne particles, extending the lifespan of the HEPA 13 filter by filtering larger particles before they reach the HEPA 13 layer.

HEPA 13 Layer

Two medical grade HEPA 13 filters work to rapidly filter out particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air in your home, office or gym. The HEPA 13 filter is one of the most advanced HEPA filters. It works effectively to filter allergens such as dust, pollen and pet dander.

Micro Granular Activated Carbon Layer

We understand the effects of smoke odor and particles and how it can damage your home’s air quality. This large room air purifier for home is smoke combative with a 98% Total Volatile Organic Compounds and 99% Formaldehyde removable rate .

Dual Side Filtration

Our room air purifiers for office, home and large rooms are designed with dual core filtration, which means that its three layer filters operate on both sides of the appliance. This doubles the air purification capacity of Pro Breeze’s portable air purifier, and sets it apart from competitors on the market.

air purifiers

air purifiers

air purifiers for home large room

air purifiers for home large room

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air purifiers for bedroom

Digital Display

The Pro Breeze home air purifier has a stylish, easy-to-use digital display with 7 icons representing different features and functions. It uses the PM2.5 scale and an air quality indicator to display the number of particles smaller than 2.5 microns in the air, as well as the temperature and humidity of the air.

Safety Features

Our large air purifiers have advanced safety features, including a lock mode that, when held down for 3 seconds, locks the display and prevents any other buttons working. This particularly useful to stop children or pets interfering with the air purifier.

Smart Appliance

The Pro Breeze smart air purifier sets itself apart from other air purifiers with its smart phone and app connectivity. Use the Smart Life app, which can be found on the app store or google play store, to control your air purifier’s settings without having to change it manually.

air purifiers for allergies and petsair purifiers for allergies and pets

HEPA 13 Filter: Our air purifier uses two HEPA 13 filters, which are in the most advanced tier of HEPA filters. These filters rapidly filter particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air in your home, office or gym.
6 Layers of Filtration: The Pro Breeze Air Purifier HEPA has a dual core filtration system that utilises 6 medical grade filters. They are the optimum air purifiers for pets.
Extra Large 2000 ft² Coverage: Our HEPA air purifiers for home office have an extra large coverage capacity of up to 2000 square foot, which can provide air purification for an entire home.
Smart App and WiFi Control: The perfect air purifiers for home large room, connect to your WiFi and control your air purifier with an app on your phone. Use the Smart Life App to set and adjust your HEPA air purifier settings from anywhere in the home, gym or office.
Special Modes and Functions: Our plug in air purifier has several extra features, including Sleep Mode, which will reduce light and sound output during the night, and Timer Mode, simply set a time for the device to automatically turn on or off. This air purifier has 5 different fan speeds.

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