Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner,Paint by Numbers Flower Vase,Craft Kits for Adults Oil Painting Kit Wall Art,Parent-Child Interaction Decor Gift 16 x 20 Inch

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绘画的方法: 数字绘画适合所有技能水平,请按照说明进行操作,并按颜色进行绘画。 DIY油画为男女通用的孩子和成人(即使是初学者)提供了出色的绘画过程。 您可以自己绘画。*与您的孩子互动的好选择。*培养您的灵性和释放您的压力。 包装内容: 1张预印刷的画布(无边框),1套丙烯酸涂料, 1套壁挂套件,3个优质画笔, 1张彩色明信片指南,1张编号的帆布纸副本供参考。 油漆: -健康的数字颜料,高色彩还原性,鲜艳的色彩。 -油漆可以直接着色,无需加水。 -油漆覆盖力很强,如果涂漆过程有误,可以覆盖正确的颜色。 -油漆易于干燥,不用时,盖上盖子,如果油漆太干,则加1或2滴水搅拌均匀,切记不要过多。 -油漆块对应于画布上的数字,未标记的颜料对应于画布的阴影部分。 刷子: -刷子易于清洗,吸水率高。 -当您更改为另一种颜色或停止油漆时,请干净地洗刷。 -对于较大的部分,可以使用较大的画笔进行绘画,对于较小的部分,可以使用较小的画笔进行绘画。 注意: DIY油画套件适合6岁以上的儿童和成人。 油漆不能吃,请远离儿童,确保他们不能食用。 如果您用错误的颜色,请等待涂料干燥,然后用正确的颜色覆盖错误的区域。 Method of painting:
Digital painting is suitable for all skill levels, please follow the instructions and paint by color.
DIY oil paintings provide an excellent painting process for unisex kids and adults (even beginners).
You can paint by yourself. *A good choice for interacting with your kids. * Cultivate your spirituality and release your stress.

Package Contents:
1 pre-printed canvas (no border), 1 set of acrylic paint,
1 set of wall mount kit, 3 high-quality paintbrushes,
1 color postcard guide, 1 numbered canvas paper copy for reference.

-Healthy digital pigments, high color reduction, bright colors.
-The paint can be colored directly without adding water.
-The paint has a strong covering power, if the painting process is wrong, it can cover the correct color.
-The paint is easy to dry. When not in use, cover the lid. If the paint is too dry, add 1 or 2 drops of water and stir evenly, remember not to overdo it.
-Paint blocks correspond to the numbers on the canvas, and unmarked paints correspond to the shaded parts of the canvas.

-The brush is easy to clean and has a high water absorption rate.
-When you change to another color or stop painting, please scrub cleanly.
-For larger parts, you can use larger brushes for painting, and for smaller parts, you can use smaller brushes for painting.

The DIY painting kit is suitable for c

Oil paint set: 16×20 inch, 1 pre drawn canvas for painting for adults, 1 acrylic paint set, 3 high quality paint pens, 1 wall hanging set, 1 Color Postcard guide, 1 numbered canvas copy for reference.
Easy painting: suitable for all skill levels, follow the instructions, (press number color by number, you can easily complete wall art( Oil paints are safe and environment-friendly acrylic coatings with high quality and non-toxic. There are enough (water coloring paint) to complete the painting.
Exquisite decoration: if you think (house decoration) room decor is plain and ordinary, (adult paint by number kits on canvas) can decorate your living room or bedroom, kitchen, office, dining room, bar, etc. to make it full of vitality. Painting by numbers is also the best gift for family and friends
Our products: our painting by numbers can be preserved as Canvas Wall Art for more than 20 years. If you are short of painting supplies, please contact the seller by email. This product does not include the picture frame, you can use the picture frame to carry on the exquisite packing.

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