Oransi EJ120 Air Purifier for Home, Bedrooms, Offices and Large Rooms, HEPA Carbon Filter, Covers up to 1,250 Square Feet

Price: $899.00
(as of Nov 28,2021 23:32:06 UTC – Details)

The Oransi EJ120 HEPA air purifier with activated carbon filter has a MERV 17 rated HEPA filter. It purifies large rooms of dust, smoke, VOC’s, odors, and contaminants. Our quality filters clean the air to make your indoor air healthier to breathe. Our proprietary gas filter media is effective for a wide range of VOC’s, smoke, and formaldehyde. For home, industrial, or offices use. The EJ air cleaner has two filters – a 1 inch deep carbon pleated activated carbon filter with pre-filter, and a 2.35 inch deep true HEPA filter. Designed for wildfire smoke and smoke odor removal as well as formaldehyde, methane gas, sulfur gases, and others. The main HEPA filter (99.97 Percent+ at 0.3 microns) is 2.35 inch deep. Made in USA air purifier. Motor is made in Germany & US.

Ideal as a large room air purifier for home and office for dust, smoke, and other contaminants
Made in the USA. The EJ120 has high efficiency filters and a top notch, super quiet German engineered motor. Have confidence – Oransi filters were rated #1 in the only comprehensive university study of air cleaners.
Energy Star Certified. 52 Watts, 120Volt/60.
What’s included: EJ120 air purifier, installed filters, and the user manual. Note: to increase the effectiveness of removing oders, we use a softer carbon. If the box moves around a lot during the shipping process, it’s possible for there to be carbon dust on the front cover. To clean, simply wipe with a lightly damp cloth. The carbon filter can be lightly vacuumed, especially if it collects a lot of dust or pet hair.
Ul certified. Best for bedroom, office, living room, or basement. Great for all sized rooms.

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