Nikken Aqua Pour 1 Ceramic Pre-Filter, 1364, Replacement for Gravity Water Filter Purifier System 1360, PiMag

Price: $39.95
(as of Dec 01,2021 06:55:23 UTC – Details)

The Ceramic Pre-Filter replacement unit provides the first line of water filtering to ensure that dust, hard minerals, harmful elements, chlorine, rust, and other harmful bacteria are removed from the tap water that you put in the filtration system. It helps stop bacteria, cysts, parasites and hazardous micro-organisms. Have healthy, better tasting, alkaline water in your house that saves money from buying bottled water and at the same time saving the environment from plastic accumulation. The filtration system also remove that sulfur smell. You can now use clean and safer water for cooking, bathing your kids and pets, or even cleaning your kitchen wares. Its your personal water filter that’s for home use and for your whole family. Your product comes with a manual that includes the recommended intervals for inspection (if applicable) and replacement.

✅ CERAMIC PRE-FILTER: Removes hard minerals, harmful chemicals, and bacteria. It has fine charcoal particles and suction filtration that eliminates tap water impurities. It is the first line in removing unwanted elements and chlorine for safe water.
✅ WATER FILTER REPLACEMENT: The replacement is the first line of filtering and important in producing alkaline water for safe drinking water at home or office. It helps produce pure better taste, balances body pH, and safer water for cooking.
✅ IMPROVE HEALTH: Consume more water that tastes better. Drinking 8 glasses a day is easy to achieve, harmful body wastes will be easier to excrete. It promotes better fluid and blood circulation that would help the joints and organs functions.
✅ RATED CAPACITY: The Pre-Filter unit can be used for at least 2,113 gallons (8,000 liters). It is highly recommended to use the new replacement unit before installing and using.
✅ INCLUDES: 1 unit of Ceramic Pre-Filter 1364 and OUR HAPPINESS GUARANTEE. If for any reason, you are not happy with the product within 30 days, message us and we’ll take care of you.

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