New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Price: $43.83
(as of Nov 28,2021 11:23:30 UTC – Details)

New Wave Enviro alkaline water Filter pitchers makes it easy and inexpensive to drink alkaline filtered water every day. Your everyday cost for New Wave Enviro’s filtered water is less than $0. 17 cents per liter or less than $0. 05 cents per glass. Now with a lead removing minerals for added protection. Note for use when setting up pitcher, apply pressure to the lid to “snap” it in place to prevent it from coming off.

FRESH ALKALINE WATER: Enjoy fresh, filtered Alkaline water. The New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher alkalizes your drinking water while filtering.
FILTRATION: This filter will raise your water’s pH levels to 8. 5-9. 5 by adding the perfect balance of naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. The filter cartridge can filter up to 64 gallons of water.
BENEFITS: The filtration process helps keep your water safe and clean. You will be able to taste and feel The difference of drinking fresh Alkaline water.
PITCHER DESIGN: This water pitcher has a clean and simple design to fit easily into your refrigerator. The handle makes it easy to carry the pitcher and to pour your filtered water. Snap secure fit lid will require pressure application upon setup to secure lid in place.Pitcher Lid: Please note, If the lid is loose, snap the lid securely in place by applying pressure You will hear the lid snap in place, otherwise the lid will fall off when pouring water.

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