Muliap Air Purifiers,Large Screen Air Purifiers for Home.Advanced 3-in-1 H13 Filtration System.Four Modes,Night Light,Child Lock,Filter Remainning life display,No ozone.Model:KJ150.

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Product Description


Product Highlights:

The front of the product is designed with a very beautiful large screenA filter remaining life display function is set up. As you use the purifier, the timer of this filter will count down from 1500 hours. When the value is displayed as 0, the filter needs to be replaced.When the machine is not operated for 10 seconds in sleep mode, the big screen will automatically go off, touch any button to wake up the whole screenIn the night light mode, there will be a light circle that is always on, the light is warm white and will not dazzle the eyes, and will not affect sleep.Child lock mode prevents pets and children from causing incorrect operations


Advantages of Muliap air purifier

The outer shell of the product is thickened to enhance its protection capability.The real H13Hepa filter, three layers of protection, filter 99.97% of air particles, allergens, and dust.Powerful purification function, in a 206ft² room, the air can be purified 5 times an hourMuliap air purifier has passed EPA, ETL, CE, FCC, ROHS certification (certification involves safety, quality, environmental protection)







Muliap air purification is designed with a timing function, which can be timed at 1/2/4/8/12 hours. Make a plan for your use time.

Muliap Air Purifier has designed a filter countdown function. You can clearly see the remaining life of the filter on the big screen, so you know when to replace the filter.

Muliap air purifier is designed with a child lock function to prevent the behavior of children and pets from causing incorrect operation.



Large screen: The large screen adopts an independent module design and is embedded in the front of the air purifier. You can clearly see the four modes on the big screen, the humidity display and the remaining life of the filter. In addition, the aperture of the large screen in night light mode is also very beautiful.
Black fashion design: Muliap air purifiers uses thick plastic to protect the machine shell, and uses PC material to protect the large screen, so as to enhance the self-protection ability of the product. The newly designed fan impeller makes the wind stronger and does not produce noise(23dB~50dB). Low voltage design, using 12V adapter, safe and reliable.
Powerful: Muliap air purifiers for home refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms as large as 206 ft² / 20 m², The CADR value reaches 150m³/h. Advanced modern design, widely used in classrooms, bedrooms, offices, schools and other places. It is very suitable for pet owners, allergy sufferers, babies and the elderly.(1H/2H/4H/8H/12H)timing design, plan your use time.
Efficient Filtration System:Muliap Air Purifiers adopts a three-layer filtration system, It can effectively alleviate the symptoms of sneezing,allergies and other symptoms caused by pollutants. The mixed use of nylon primary filter, H13 Hepa filter and activated carbon filter,Can efficiently capture smoke,dust, pet danderand fabric fibers and PM2.5. Search ASIN B099MHST6K for replacement filter
Buy with confidence: Muliap air purifiers has passed EPA ETL CE FCC RoHS certification. 100% quality assurance, 1 year warranty, if you want to give gifts to your family, Muliap air purifier is a good choice.

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