GERMOZAP VIRAL AIR SCRUB UV Air Purifier for Viruses Bacteria ALL STRAINS Large Room Home Office Bedroom True HEPA-Carbon-Cold Catalyst, Smoke-Odors-Allergies-Pets-EPA Reg-View Disinfection Reports

Price: $179.99
(as of Nov 30,2021 23:32:32 UTC – Details)

Remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just 2 hours! Cycle the air 4 times every hour in rooms up to 645 sf. Kills the bacteria that cause odors. Perfect for home or work No harsh chemicals – just pure, fresh, sanitizing light. And it’s whisper quiet at less <40db so you won't even know it's there. Auto setting automatically adjusts for dirtier air Special Features of Our Design Whopping 16 watts of UVC disinfecting strength 4 UVC light bulbs (6 inches each) surrounding fan to maximize UV sanitization to 24” of UVC bulbs 5 filters & UVC H11 HEPA filter so you get the best of both worlds between particle capture and air flow* 253.7nm wavelength for peak disinfection rates Quartz glass & mercury bulbs for maximum UVC penetration *The sweet spot in the tradeoff between air flow and particle capture. If the HEPA filter is too thin, particles get through. If it is too thick, air flow is hindered, and the number of times air can flow through in an hour is less. Our HEPA 11 filter captures 95% of air pollution on first pass. While the H11 filter lets a few more particles through on the first pass, it cycles the air more quickly than heavier filters. Once the air passes back through the filter a second time, it captures another 95% of remaining particles. In just 2 passes, the H11 filter can capture 99.75% of the particles (95% on the first pass, and 95% of the remaining 5% of particles on the 2nd pass). Cycles the air approximately 4 times every hour in an average sized room and 2 times in larger rooms up to 645sf. Because of this, the H11 filter is actually more effective than an H12 filter. What’s Included: UVC Large Room Air Sanitizer with ionizer & 4 UVC bulbs Remote Control Four-in-One Filter Instruction Manual NOTE: This is not a medical device and is not meant to be used on human or animals. It is not meant to treat illness and cannot keep you from getting sick. EPA Est No: 97721-CA-2 REPLACEMENT FILTER: B098ZM3K2H

⚡ ZAP DANGEROUS GERMS FROM THE AIR YOU BREATHE: Don’t just filter particles from the air like other large room air purifiers. Remove viruses and bacteria with this UV light sanitizer air purifier. GREATER DISINFECTION THAN OTHERS, we strategically placed a 6-inch UVC bulb on all 4 sides of the fan so the air gains maximum exposure to the UV sanitizing light resulting in maximum disinfection. 4 UVC light sanitizer bulbs. 24 inches of UVC bulb exposure & a WHOPPING 16 watts of UV sanitizing light!
⚡ ALWAYS ON-ALWAYS SANITIZING: This air purifier eliminates dangerous germs & is safe to use with humans & animals in the room because the UV sanitizing light is completely contained inside the unit so eyes & skin are not exposed to it. Just plug it in & forget about it. Our air cleaner quietly works in the background to zap harmful germs from the air. Sanitize entire rooms up to 645 sf with this large room air purifier. And it’s whisper quiet at less <40db so you won't even know it's there.
⚡ 6 AIR PURIFIER FILTRATION PROCESSES: Pre-filter to remove large particles, hair, dust & mites, True HEPA-11 to remove up to 95% of smaller particles, Carbon Filter to remove odors, mold & smoke to make rooms smell fresh, Cold Catalyst to absorb formaldehyde & other harmful gases from paint & flooring, Ionization to eliminate ultra-fine particles and a whopping 16 watts of UV sanitizing light
⚡ VIEW DISINFECTION RATES CERTIFIED BY ACCREDITED LAB: We test all of our UV light sanitizer products before we sell them. VIEW ACTUAL PDF DISINFECTION REPORTS ABOVE VIDEO SECTION. This air purifier for home & office achieved 99.99%+ disinfection in just 2 hours. Replacement Filter: Type B098ZM3K2H into search bar
⚡ GERMOZAP IS EPA REGISTERED-MOM OWNED: UVC light is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. This ultraviolet light sanitizer is registered with the EPA (EPA Est No. 97721-CA-1). U.S. owned and operated by a mom who truly cares about people and families! We use this UV air purifier in our homes to protect our families from dangerous germs. If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it!

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