FIWOTTTDA Air Purifier for Home Bedroom, H13 True HEPA Filter Reduce 99.97% of Odor, Smoke, Pet Hairs,1540 Sq Ft Coverage, Air Cleaners Office, Quiet Auto Mode,White

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Product Description

HEPA Air Purifier Suitable for OfficeHEPA Air Purifier Suitable for Office

FIWOTTTDA Air Purifiers Good for Office

Nowadays, the Air Purifier has become one of the necessary machines for the company’s office layout. Not only can it purify the air and give employees a healthy working environment; but the white and elegant appearance of the FIWOTTTDA Air Purifiers can decorate the office, which is more in line with the humanized design environment.

air purifierair purifier

Suitable for CaliforniaSuitable for California

Ozone Free

HEPA air purifiers for the home will not produce ozone, good for children and Asthma sufferers. Certification: CARB certification, EPA certification, ETL certification (Available for California).

1*Air Purifier

1*Filter element


1*Adapter & power cord

FIWOTTTDA Air Purifier with Hepa-H13 Filter

FIWOTTTDA H13 HEPA Air Purifier uses an advanced filtration system that can remove 99.97% of common air contaminants. Create a comfortable environment for work, study, or daily life.

PM2.5 display show you the air quality.

Touch lock in case children or pets touch.

Quiet sleep mode will not be disturbed your dream

Auto mode will optimizes the speed based on the level of air quality.

Filter replacement reminder tell you when to change the filter.

5 wind speeds for more choices

24H timer setting meet your need

5 fan speeds

5 fan speeds

24h Timer

24h Timer

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode

5 Fan Speeds

Air cleaner has 5-speed settings, can be selected according to the actual air quality and space to meet your need. If under the auto mode, it will automatically optimize the speed according to PM2.5

Timer Setting

24 hours timed automatic shutdown can save power;In addition, the Child Lock function prevents pets and children from accidentally touching and stopping work.

Quiet Sleep Mode

Air purifier for the bedroom can be switched to night mode with only 25 dB at night. Under this sleep mode, the light will turn off to provide you a quiet, restful sleep with crisp clean air.

Air quality detection function

Air quality detection function

High-speed purification speed

High-speed purification speed

Filter replacement reminder

Filter replacement reminder

Air Quality Indicator

FIWOTTTDA Air Purifier monitors your air quality throughout the day.The indicator light is green- good (0-12)The indicator light is yellow-moderate(12.1-35)The indicator light is red -poor (35.1+)

Hight Effective Purification

CADR is the ratio of clean air output from air purifiers obtained by the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in accordance with strict testing standards. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier.

Reminder of Filter Replacement

The built-in filter element replacement indicator reminds you to replace the filter element of this high-efficiency air purifier in time within 6 months. (Replace the filter element as ASIN: B09D3LX4VT)

Air Cleaner with H13 True HEPA Filter Remove 99.97% Smell/Smoke/Pet Hairs--WhiteAir Cleaner with H13 True HEPA Filter Remove 99.97% Smell/Smoke/Pet Hairs--White

FIWOTTTDA Air Purifiers are suitable for kids and petsFIWOTTTDA Air Purifiers are suitable for kids and pets

✔【True HEPA-H13 & 4 Stage Filter-element】 FIWOTTTDA Home air purifier works better, the true HEPA-H13 works with an ultra-fine pre-filter, activated-carbon-filter, and Nano-Silver-coating-filter traps 99.97% pollutants like pet hairs, and other large particles, reduce unwanted smells from pets, smoke, cooking fumes.Smart air purifiers Ideal for smokers, pet owners.
✔【Air Intelligent Monitoring System】 HEPA Filter Air Purifiers has the PM2.5 Detection Module detects the current ambient air quality, range:0-12 excellent air quality, the indicator light is gree; 13-35 moderate air pollution indicator is yellow; >35 high pollution, indicator is red. The Auto mode stay up to date with the indicator ring’s real-time air quality updates. The particle sensor detects airborne contaminants and automatically adjusts fan speed accordingly.
✔【Timer Setting & Child Lock】24-hour timer for automatic shutdown; 5 wind speeds settings to meet different purification needs; Child Lock function to avoid pets and children from accidentally touching.(applicable to California).
✔【Quickly Purification & Sleep Mode】The CADR of the air cleaner is 380m³/h. Air Purifier does an amazing job purifying not just any room but a whole house up to 1,540 sq ft in one hour. This best air purifiers will purify a bedroom room, office space, or any space quickly and effectively.Beside,The sleep mode works great in night, and it does not affect the sleeping.
✔【Note for Replacement Filter-Element】It’s recommend replacing filter every 6 months according to the air quality in your area and the usage of the air purifier to ensure the best results. Air purifiers for bedroom comes with a filter replacement reminder. Search ASIN “B09D3LX4VT” to get replacement.Tip:Take out the plastic bag from the filter-element when you received the air purifier.

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