FilterLogic Water Filter, Compatible with Black Filters (BB9-2) & Fluoride Filters (PF-2) Combo Pack and Gravity Filter System – Includes 2 Black Filters and 2 Fluoride Filters

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Our story

How we got our start?

Filterlogic have an innovative technology system and professional research team concentrating on the water filtration technology. We work hard to product high quality refrigerator water filters, garden house filters, RV water filters and more in the future.

What makes our product unique?

Filterlogic ensures superior quality of all products with reasonable value. As we sell filters from the factory to our customers directly, with no resellers pocketing the money. This means you’ll enjoy the most reasonable value in the market.

Why we love what we do?

Filterlogic cares a lot of the drinking water safety. Providing healthy and fresh water to our customer is what we are pursuing constantly. Besides, creating a friendly environment by reducing the consumption of bottled water is meaningful.

This filter combines BB9-2 black purification elements and PF-2 fluoride replacement filter to absolutely reduce contaminating substances from the outdoor water source. ⭐Please note that TDS level does not fully indicate the quality of the water and our filters DOES NOT lower TDS value.⭐
The premium carbon block can absorb many impurities like sands, rust, sediment, bad taste and odor. This product is characterized by uniform particles and a smooth surface to properly reduce chlorine, which is the primary cause of bad taste. Afterward, much cleaner water passes through the granular activated carbon to achieve superior performance on taste.
We recommend you replace the BB9-2 filter every 6,000 gallons per pair and replace PF-2 every 1,000 gallons per pair, which will be different based on water conditions.
Not only do we firmly control the filter material but also adopt lead-free and BPA-free materials to produce the filter housing.
Compatible with Black Replacement Filters (BB9-2) & Fluoride Filter Combo Pack (PF-2). Interchangeable with Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial and Crown Series and Gravity filter system.

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