ArrowMax 1.0 UV Water Purifier with Smart Faucet (Advanced Filter Universal Power)

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Product Description

Acuva, logo, UV-LEDAcuva, logo, UV-LED

Family drinking waterFamily drinking water

Easy Access to Clean Drinking Water

Purchasing an Acuva UV-LED Water Purification System means you are purchasing the highest quality system that provides the cleanest water for your home, motorhome or boat.

arrowmax 1.0arrowmax 1.0

ArrowMAX 1.0ArrowMAX 1.0

2-Step Water Purification Ensures Your Safety

With Acuva UV-LED water purification, you can rest assured that your family’s drinking water is always microbiologically safe & clean.

Step 1) The included Composite Filter (or any 5 Micron filter system of your choice) removes sediment and improves taste, odor and clarity.

Step 2) The UV-LED Chamber disinfects up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms.

Instant, on-demand, non-chemical purification

Ultra-low maintenance

LED typically lasts 10+ years

ArrowMAX 1.0

UV-LED Water Purification System

The ArrowMAX 1.0 UV-LED water purifier eliminates up to 99.9999% for safe drinking water. Enjoy instant, on-demand, non-chemical drinking water purification with low power requirements and without the drawbacks of legacy systems. This mercury-free system safely disinfects water without adding any chemicals to your drinking water.

Complete with power adapter and all essential installation components included and compatible with any water appliance or faucet.

Provides flow rate of 1 litre per minute (0.26 gallons)

Can dispense 60,000 litres of water in its lifetime

Comes with Acuva Smart Faucet

High-quality polymer body casing

Stainless steel reactor inside for UV-LED disinfection

Chemical-free, mercury-free water purification

Next Generation Innovation Designed in Canada

Trusted Technology

Trusted Technology

Sustainable Solution

Sustainable Solution





Proven Technology

Combines the reliable technologies of UV disinfection and LED lights

Sustainable Solution

Chemical-free water treatment that eliminates the need for plastic water bottles

Microbiologically-Safe & Convenient

Access to microbiologically-safe drinking water with very low maintenance requirements

No Mercury Contamination

Unlike UV-Lamps, our products don’t contain Mercury, eliminating contamination risks.

friends drinking waterfriends drinking water

Reliable & Effective Water Purification

Designed by our world class engineering team, ArrowMAX 1.0 is integrated with Acuva’s patented IntenseBeam technology, allowing for precise control of optics, hydrodynamics and kinetics using powerful UV-LEDs to inactivate harmful microorganisms present in your water.

how does uv-led workhow does uv-led work

How does UV-LED disinfection work?

When water with harmful microbial pathogens enter the UV-LED reactor, the UV radiation sterilizes the pathogens by disrupting their DNA. High energy UV-C photons inactivate any microorganism present in the water, making them unable to infect or multiply.



Certified by IAPMO R&T against: NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘B’ and NSF/ANSI 372. [IAPMO Certification Number: W-10944 (Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment System) W-10946 (Lead Free Water Filtration Product) Effective August 2019 – 2024]

UV Dose Delivery

>16 mJ/cm²

Certified Flow Rate

1.0 L/min

Water Inlet and Outlet Fitting

1/4″ OD Push-to-Connect

Input Voltage

11-16V DC

Power Consumption (Active)

Approx. 5.0W

Power Consumption (Standby)

Approx. 0.1W

Maximum Water Temperature


Minimum Working Pressure

12 PSI

Maximum Working Pressure

100 PSI

LED Life-time

1,000 hours (on demand)

.The ArrowMAX 1.0 UV-LED water purifier removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, offering safe drinking water straight out of your tap. Never worry about the quality of your water source ever again.
Has a 1 L/min (0.52 gallons) flow rate which allows you to fill a standard glass of water in under 15 seconds. Ideal for homes, boats or RV’s. Provides quick delivery of pure drinking water for your family
Compact, low power usage, chemical-free, mercury-free water purification. Does not use chemicals or mercury unlike UV bulbs systems. UV-LED is lower power and mercury free which is safe for use in homes, cottages, boats or RVs.
Complete water purifier! 2 Stage process of UV treatment with an Advanced pre filter to remove lead, chlorine, other contaminants and improve taste and odor

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