Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 8 Cup, Free Filter Cartridge Included, Increases Water pH, Removes Lead, Chlorine, Copper. Fast Filtration, Water Purifier Pitcher

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Product Description

alkaline pitcheralkaline pitcher

Protect yourself and your family with Wamery alkaline water

In Wamery, our goal is to encourage families to live a healthy life. Thanks to alkaline water, it is possible!

Convert your house into a healthy house by preparing food for your family, watering your plants, hydrating your cute pet, and making healthy juices with alkaline water!

We ourselves are daily consumers of alkaline water. With more than 3 years of experience and more than 15,000 alkaline products sold on Amazon, we aim to bring alkaline water to all homes and families in the United States. Start a healthy life with Wamery filters!

Do you know the benefits that alkaline water offers to you and your family?

healthy water

healthy water

water for pet

water for pet

water for plants

water for plants

Drink alkaline water with meals

Skip sodas and make a healthier choice. Drink 0-calories alkaline Wamery filtered water with every meal. Also, you can add a slice of lemon, orange or lime to your glass for an extra splash of sweetness.

You can make alkaline ice cubes for juices, wines, etc. to neutralize acidic drinks or beverages.

Take care of your pet

Alkaline water is ideal for pets. It helps flush out the acidic waste accumulated in our pets’ systems, helps to neutralize gastric acids, balances their metabolic systems, and even enhances the shine of their furs. Your little friends are sure to become more cheerful with all these improvements.

A major factor behind the trend of using alkaline water in our pets’ diet is that pet food that contains large amounts of unnecessary ingredients, and there is evidence that alkaline water helps to battle many of the disorders that pets face: skin and coat problems, allergies, arthritis, joint pains, etc.

Improve your plants’ health

Alkaline water is also good for plants! The water in our homes contains chlorine that is toxic to plants and causes leaf burns. You can easily avoid this by watering with alkaline water.

energy drinkenergy drink

Energize your body

Start a healthy life today!

Fuel your body with Wamery alkaline water before, during and after workout to perform better. You can drink alkaline water or prepare a healthy juice to get the best of alkaline water.

Wamery Alkaline Filters last longer than regular filters

The Wamery Alkaline Filter follows NSF/ANSI standards and has an estimated life of 42 gallons. Wamery recommends replacing the filter monthly if you fill the pitcher 3 times a day and once every 2 months if you fill it 2 times per day.

Become a Wamery family member and help us save the world!

By using Wamery alkaline filter, you help save the planet from plastic bottles, replacing up to 1800 bottles per year. Also, you help NGOs around the world with your purchase!

Wamery Alkaline Filter Characteristics

Optimum pH between 8.5 and 9

Fits Brita Pitchers

NSF/ANSI standards

Lasts 42 gallons

Negative ORP water

3 pack

Replaces 980 plastic bottles per filter

Coconut Activated Filtration



Step 1.

Rinse your new filter under the faucet for 10 seconds.

water filter for pitcherwater filter for pitcher


Step 2.

Insert filter into pitcher and press firmly to ensure tight seal.

filter pitcherfilter pitcher


Step 3.

Fill the reservoir of the pitcher with water. Allow all the water to filter through, then discard it. Do this twice.

alkaline filteralkaline filter


Step 4.

Set the filter life indicator. If using a Wamery, Brita or other pitchers, consult the user manual of the pitcher for instruction on resetting the filter life indicator. Your new Wamery filter is ready to clean up to 42 gallons of water before replacing.


Step 1

water filter for pitcherwater filter for pitcher

Step 2

filter pitcherfilter pitcher

Step 3

alkaline filteralkaline filter

Step 4

You can have alkaline water straight from your Samsung refrigerator!

alkaline filter for samsung refrigeratorsalkaline filter for samsung refrigerators

Do you own a Samsung Refrigerator? You must read this!

Good news! We have designed and launched the same technology of the alkaline water filter for pitchers but for Samsung refrigerators! It lasts up to 300 gallons, reduces chlorine, and increases alkalinity and water pH level. If you are interested in our new product, click on the link or on the filter image below!

Increase water pH level

Increase alkalinity level

Reduce chlorine

The only certified alkaline filter on the market

Patent Pending Technology


300 gallons (6 months)


Replace 1800 plastic bottles per filter


Most Samsung refrigerators

🚰 STOP DRINKING CONTAMINATED WATER: Contaminated tap water causes a host of devastating illnesses in America’s citizens. Take care of your and your family’s health with Wamery alkaline water filter system that, in addition to increasing the pH of the water, reduces almost all contaminants.
💧 START A HEALTHY LIFE TODAY: Wamery alkaline water pitcher filter system may increase alkalinity water pH level up to 9 points. It also reduces contaminants in the water such as arsenic, chlorine, zinc, copper, mercury, cadmium and lead, matching NSF/ANSI standards. Save money and forget about alkaline water bottles.
💙 BENEFITS OF DRIKING ALKALINE WATER: With alkaline water you can make alkaline ice cubes to regulate the pH of acidic drinks, prepare food, juices, alkaline coffee and more. Keep your pet healthy with alkaline filtered water, and water your plants so that they grow stronger.
❤️ WAMERY ALKALINE WATER FILTRATION PITCHER: helps you to reduce weight. An acidic-pH body creates more fat cells to neutralize the acid. Say goodbye to acidic stomach, reflux (GERD) & heartburn by keeping a balanced water pH level. Alkalized water also works as natural energy drink ideal for training.
🥇 FEATURES: Wamery water filter jug features an easy pour spout, and LED counter. Alkaline filter lasts up to 42 gallons, equivalent to 1 month of use if you fill it 3 times a day or 2 months if you fill it twice a day. It also fits brita pitchers. To configure the LED timer push it 5 seconds to restart it; it’ll show “35” after that. Press on it one time (1 second) every day to check how many days it has left.

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