150 GPD RO Membrane, RO Membrane Replacement, 2012-150GPD Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement for Under Sink Home Drinking 5-Stage RO Water Purifier System

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HLW-2012-150G is a drinking water reverse osmosis membrane which adopts advanced technology to manufacture, it can provide residents water of superior quality, this is the highest performing membrane element, it can provide consistent quality and performance.
The hole of RO membrane is as small as nano, take use of ultra silent pump to create high pressure osmosis to make water molecule and ion mineral pass through a layer of RO membrane, but inorganic salt, organic, rubber mass, harmful minerals and harmful chemicals can’t pass through the RO membrane (The hole of RO membrane is only 0.0001μm, but the diameter of harmful materials is only 0.02-0.4 μm) and hold back.
RO Membrane Parameter:
Specifications Model: HLW-2012-150G, length 11.8(inches), diameter 2.0(inches)
Product rate of flow: 150GPD(23.6L/H,567L /D)
Product process: dry film process, extend the life time by max
Filter accuracy: 0.0001micron
Operation pressure: 0.3-0.8Mpa
Appliance water: municipal water supply
Appliance temperature: 41-113 ℉
Life time: 2-3 years ( It depends on usage amount and feed water quality.)
1.Need to put the RO membrane into the carton and keep dry under room temperature to avoid low temperature to freeze and high temperature to damage.
2.When used for the first time, pure water prepared in the first 30 minutes should be discarded.

[High Quality RO Membrane]: Our Reverse Osmosis Membrane is made of high quality and imported polyamide film composite material, has the characteristics of water saving, large water flow and stable performance.
[Universal Filter]: The 150GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane can take place of other 2012-100GPD or 2012-125GPD model membrane, applied for residential RO purifier of any brand (fits in standard 2’’ID, membrane housing sizes 1.8’’X 12’’). Dry type Membrane, Maximizing shelf life.the ratio of pure water and waste water is 1:1.
[High Salt Rejection]: The Reverse Osmosis membrane is rated at 150Gallons per Day, adopts physical filtration, which is long acting and stable, rejection rate is up to 97%, rejects impurities down to 0.0001 micron, it can effectively remove up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants from your water, including inorganic salt, organic, rubber mass, harmful minerals and harmful chemicals added into tap water treatment etc.
[Protect Your Health]: The output water is flowing water, sweet and tasty, effectively avoid second pollution, provide healthier and cleaning water for your family.
[Long Life Span]: 24-36 months life span which is depend on your feed water quality, 1-Year limited warranty. User Friendly Design, Easy installation. It is suitable for most Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System. Please note to flush new membrane 30 minutes when used for the first time.

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